Hónap: 2015 július

Jitske’s blog #3

Arló Last week has been good. The CIKK members organised a teambuilding trip, or rather a short holiday together. The location was Arló and we went by car. About 17 people in total and I was invited as well, so that was a new experience to be some days with a group of Hungarians. Everything […]

Jitske’s blog #2

First workshop at Radar Last week I did my first workshop at Radar and I am very happy with the results! We posted it at their Facebook and around 9 people came, which was perfect, because we used almost all the space and tables we had. In Holland I have had this workshop one time […]

Jitske’s blog #1

My EVS at CIKK / RADAR Do you know what is EVS? It’s an international volunteering project in the E.U., suitable for everyone between 18 – 30, so actually it can be you! It seems like an abstract and complex thing if you here about it for the first time, but nothing is less true. […]