Jitske’s blog #9

Hello reader,

Today I’d like to share some of my thoughts about the fragmented life I am leading at the moment. It is a busy period, but maybe it feels even more busy because of the fragmented schedule I am having. I am trying to find the ritme and I am getting there. But the most important, I really enjoy everything I can do here in Budapest at the moment. Let me tell you something about my life. First of all, it s been 14 weeks now that I am going to the Hungarian language class, three times a week…2.5 hour per session. Which is a lot! The group we are meeting is getting smaller and smaller, I think we are only with four motivated ladies left. One from Syria, one from Iran, one from USA and me from Holland. It is a good vibe we have and we are on a mission: learning the Hungarian language. I really enjoy, even more now, because due to the scheduled lifestyle I have a way better focus. And this makes everything I do more interesting, so I really enjoy going to the Magyar Iskola.

Also going to Radar weekly and thinking of programmes I really enjoy. I don’t know what changed lately, maybe my additude, maybe my competence to understand and speak a little but Hungarian, I don’t know, but I really enjoy now to be at Radar and hang around with the kids. I decided to stay in Budapest and I am quite sure I will visit Radar now and then, just to see the people and make some fun. Maybe the duration of EVS has been good. I had the time to get rid of my expactations, to look around and to adapt the situation. Lately we had an boardgame night, it was so hangulatos / cosy, I felt there was a really good vibe. This Thursday we will do bellydancing, let’s see who will join. Actually it will be fun anyway I think.

Besides Radar and the magyar iskola another interesting thing has started lately: theatergroup. This really changed my feeling in Budapest, because it feels so nice to see the group every week. There are some potential friends, so I feel way less lonely and Budapest feels way more like my place now. I chose to try the theatergroup to open myself and enlarge my comfortzone. Well I think, it really helps me to be more confident and see the positive side of life easier. In March we will have our first performance, can you imagine?! I am happy to try out some theatergames with the kids sooner or later, it will be fun and a very playful way to share some feelings and connect.

Besides those things, I am still teaching every Monday at the Dutch school. Wow, it’s good to write all my activities down, I realize how happy I am in Budapest now. I hope I can continue this work next year because I enjoy teaching and building a group with the teenagers.

I really hope that I can contribute more to Radar at one point, but I am happy about the situation and proud that I found the way with myself. This was the first step, hopefully the Radar kids will also enjoy my contribution.

Take care, byebye Jitske