Jitske’s blog #8

Szia! Hogy vagy? I am doing good and will write you about my previous week here in Budapest. It has been such a nice week ar Radar. First, with Tamas we tried to do some filmanimation and I found out this is really a good way to connect with the kids, even when we don’t speak eachothers language. They could help preparing a background or a character and together we had fun. It was a great day. I also feel I am getting more and more connecting with the kids and also with Radar. Another day we went to do a tour in the tunnels of Kobanya, I arranged this free tour somehow and we went with three kids of Radar and some other people. I think it was quite nice to see this stonemine once, like a very huge world under the surface. For the kids it was less interesting, but still I think they will remember the look. So if they will learn something about the stonemine once, they will remember this day I hope. I was happy at least they gave it a try and I found it very cute that one of them thought that there would be a buffet. Funny! At Friday we did a pancake party and it was funny to see how the Hungarians do pancakes and hw the Dutch do it. I was happy to let them try the apple, bacon pancakes we do in Holland. Also Iasked one girl to help me baking and she did. This was great, because normally I dont have so much contact with her, it was nice to do somehing positive together. So good things at Radar and I m exited about the time still left.

My Hungarian is also getting a bit better. At least I try so and this morning I took a private course to summarize what I ve learned so far. Well I went three times a week last months, so it was quite a lot. By my surprise I remembered most of the words and grammar, so this really encourage me te continue. I think the start is the hardest, but by the time I know the basics, I can construct and find out new things by myself. I feel already a little bit proud when I can catch some words on the street or say small things myself. I won’t give up on this until the time I am in Budapest. Talkin with the kids is still too hard though, but hopefully this might happen one day as well. I hope so!

Beside Radar I also found anew thing to do in Budapest and that’s being part of a theatergroup together with twenty people. This gives a good feeling and makes the city more interesting for me. I feel more like I am living here and I am settling down a bit more. This theatergroup will last until June, at least when they will select me to join after Chrismass break as well. But it s great and I made a really nice new friend from this group, she is from Sweden. Last weekend we went to a nice dance performance in Trafo. It s great to meet people with the same interests. So I dont feel alone anymore!

After this week I will go to Holland for two weeks. I am exited to see everyone and will travel to 5 cities to do so. It will be great.


Boldog Karácsony!