Jitske’s blog #7

Hello all,

Last weekend I took the train to Beograd, to actually visit my contactperson from my sending organisation. We became kind of friends now, which is very nice, I am happy to meet her and having fun and talk about future projects. She stayed in Beograd for a while and I could come over. So I did. And it was great! The contrast between Serbians and Hungarians is very amazing for me, such a different kind of people. In Hungary it is quite hard for me to interact with the people, not only because of the language, but it s also hard the grap a smile, to make some eyecontact or just make a little joke on the street. Sometimes it feels like everyone is in it’s own bubble. That’s what I feel as well when I am at the public transport or waiting in a line somwhere, no one is really interacting with eachother. Like everyone is scared for the other. This thing is kind of hard for me here, sometimes it feels boring or lonely. So I took the train to Beograd, in total 8 hours. The first 4 hours were in Hungary, so in the train it was very silent. But then, at the moment we were at the border and Serbians entered the train, lots of people started to talk with eachother. Another kind of people I felt immediately. I got a smile on my face and I was very curious to meet them and to explore Beograd.

My friend picked me up from the train station and first we dropped my bag at her place. We stayed in a house of a Serbian friend of her. The house was funny, because very small and no one had their own room. They just have a kitchen and another room, used as living / sleeping room. During the day they change the beds into couches and in the evening everyone decides where he or she sleeps. It’s a great open feeling and also in the kitchen there was a closet with a bed inside. So during the night the kitchen also changes into a bedroom. Now we were with the three of us in this house.

So we went out, walked along the streets, saw music, different pubs, walked with the dog and also talked and alughed a lot, just in the kitchen. It was great to meet the Serbians. In the bar everyone start to talk with you, such a funny people.

They gave me great energy, so I hope I can keep this energy here and meet the right people to share this with!

In one month I go to Holland fort wo weeks, looking forward to meet my friends and family. And also to make a good plan for the months from January until May.

Love and Smile and I try to do my best to find a way to interact more with the Hungarians, bcause I really want to understand and get to know them better.