Jitske’s blog #6


Weeks are passing by, getting more and more involved and finding more and more my way in Budapest. Let me share what I am up tot his week, because I am very happy about everything what’s coming to me actually. I think it will also inspire myself at Radar and feel more open to try out new stuff with the kids.

I was starting this Kobanya project some time ago, do you remember? Collecting stories in order to make some creative output out of it. With the first translater it was a little bit difficult, I think she didnt see the point of the project, so I didnt feel her energy. Which was quite tiring. Yesterday I worked with a new person and it was really good! She really liked the project and was also very interested herself in all the stories, so we were so motivated together and had so much fun. This was great, to share the same energy, then you don’t feel alone anymore. Because I have to say, most things I did, I did very on my own, because I didnt feel the like mind people and sometimes it can be very lonely. But of course, I know, it takes time to find your people. But with this girl, I m very happy. So we di dan interview fora bout four hours and were both very much inspired. It was really helpful for the project and the man itself was also very enthusiastic about it. He will help us further and we look forward to the next occasion. He also invite dus for a tour in the tunnels of Kobanya for free, so I have something nice to offer to the kids as well. We will organize it and I really hope they will like it.

What’s more? Yesterday I started to join a theatergroup. I was a bit curious about it but went there very open, just to try and see. I was looking for a place to be part of a group, to feel part of a community. Well, it worked out way better then I could expact. The people were great, the atmossphere was so open and free and the theatre method we will learn more about is super interesting. So, I new thing in my life: doing theatre twice a week! At the end we will do some performances here and there, but actually for me it s more about the process and the good times we will have. I am exited about it.Maybe I will be inspired to try out some exersices with the kids as well.

And more….? This week everything comes at onces, which is good, but busy. Today I started a self invented filmproject with a super nice Italian girl, I met at the volunteering meeting for a filmfestival (which will be held next week). I had the idea to make a support videoclip for the refugees, to tell them some sweet things and maybe i twill give them a good minute in their very hard period of life. I just wanted to do i tand try it. Today we started, we met and both brought our cameras. The whole day we were on the streets, interviewing people. It was exiting and of course we didnt get the right materials yet, but I am happy we have started and we will continue on Sunday. Tomorrow I will bring my camera to Radar and try to film a little overthere. Maybe the kids can something sweet as well. Lets see!

I hope this is the moment to introduce the camera to Radar and to play with it more and more. I would love to interview the kids of film them playing around at Radar. I was too shy, but no wit will be fine.

Unfortunately I wont be at Radar during the anniversary this Saturday, which I feel very bad about. But yeah, I hope I will compensate this failure with something else.

See you soon, things are getting better and better. I enjoy the life here a lot at the moment. X