Jitske’s blog #5


Last week was a good one at Radar, the football training worked out well and my own project about has started. I will tell you about it.

Some weeks ago a Dutch football trainer of FTC crossed my path and I thought of the Radar boys, who all the time want to play some football with me (but I dont). I thought: it would be great if I can arrange a professional football trainer fort hem, at least for just one afternoon. Then I met this man, via via, after I asked around. It was a Dutch man, living in Kobanya and crazy about football and quite a pro. So I invited him for a coffee and we had a funny afternoon at a cafe. He was totally open to come to Radar and give one training. So we set a date and last week the training took off. In one word it was great to see this happening. The training was very open and sharp and the boys were so concentrated, amazing to see. Afterwards I saw them smile and they wanted to know when the next training would be. I was really happy I could arrange this for them. And the trainer was happy as well, he even said that he is willing to do more trainings at Radar. So I am totally in to arrange a follow up. Good vibes!

The other good thing is that my project about Kobanya has developped a bit by starting the process, working with a translator for the first time and collecting some stories from different people. Now I have quite clear how I want to continue this project. It’s always about starting and finding out during the process. It will be a map, not by random stories, but all short personal stories or phrases linked to the specific places on the map. I have to say that this project makes Kobanya more alive for me and it is really interesting to dive into a neighbourhood, which was total blanco for me before. I hope the municipality of Kobanya will also like this project and might sponsor a little bit for the printingcosts. Lets see, first continuing the research and after I will work with a Radar volunteer to make the graphics.
And it’s quite a challenge to work with translaters I have to say, but the girl is very friendly and just graduated in Dutch language, so she is happy as well to cooperate and get some experience. I like tob e in this role of the person who has the idea and has to manage the project. I dream for a nice outcome!

Oke, today in the afternoon I will go to a improvisation thing to practise Hungarian language….because yes, I am studying and learning Hungarian at the intensive course and I like it so much to learn a new exotic language. I hope I can speak the basics after a year.

Tomorrow I will make a trip in countryside or another small village. I m curious about the country.