Jitske’s blog #4

EVS: New Direction!

Hello there, I have waited some time to write to this blog again. Because I felt a little bit stuck in my EVS position and my position in Budapest as well! That’s all linked together, right? I decided to write about this feeling now, because it’s very much part of doing EVS I think.

First of all, this vacuum feeling has not so much to do with the place I am working for. But it’s more about the open function as a EVS volunteer and the doubts you have yourself about what to focus on. Within EVS one has the freedom to find its way – which it’s great – but in the same time it means you can get lost sometimes as well!

So what happened lately and what will be my next steps? I’ll share with you, maybe it can help you as well to look from another angle to your surroundings. Sometimes you only need a little change instead of running away.

When I arrived at Radar we agreed on the idea that I would do some creative workshops with the kids now and then. I tried some different things, but I didn’t feel very usefull actually. First of all, with the language barrière I can not talk with the kids, so to me it makes this activity a bit boring and the kid scan feel that of course. But more important, the kids were not so happy to do those activities first of all. They just want to hang around and chill out with their friends, which I totally understand. It’s not a school, so I didn’t want to push my ideas. I lost a bit of motivation and was thinking how I can make myself more useful for Radar.

This took me some time.

But I gues from last week new inspiration arrived by surround myself with a new world, more into cultural field. And at one point I had an idea what I would like to do within Radar! Since Radar is an information centrum, to link different groups to eachother, I have a projectplan where Radar can help me to link me with the right people. And I hope it’s something good for Radar as well: to facilitate in managing a totally new, creative project. It’s about to represent the neighbourhood Kobanya.

Since I have studies documentary filmmaking and I am interested in collecting stories and represent them in different ways, I would love to make a project about Kobanya. And the kids at Radar can give me input by interviewing them. I hope they will like it as well and feel there opinion matters.

I just shared my idea with Zsofi and she was very enthusiastic and helpful. So now, I feel totally on track again and I am very gratefull to be here and get this change to develop myself during EVS. So I think Radar can give me the last push I need to show myself and get out of my vaccuum bubble!

Besides this project, from now on, I will help with the English homework every week. Since it would be great to communicate more with the children and it seems like they are interested to learn some English. Also my Hungarian language class will start again tomorrow….so I have good hopes for near future!


Next time I will tell you more about my projectplan…first I have to start it up. I am exited now!


Byebye Jitske