Jitske’s blog #3


Last week has been good. The CIKK members organised a teambuilding trip, or rather a short holiday together. The location was Arló and we went by car. About 17 people in total and I was invited as well, so that was a new experience to be some days with a group of Hungarians. Everything went very smoothly and the way to Arló took about 2.5 hours. It was very relaxing to see the Hungarian landscapes with their hills and now and then some brown cows. The radio played some nice Hungarian songs. A great holiday feeling! When we arrived I saw a huge house, which was appearantly the house of the municipality. So nice that CIKK can do their trainings there. The area was wonderful. A small holiday area around a nice, clean lake, surrounded by hills. Very cute little, colored houses around the lake and one more street with holiday houses. And surprisingly it was so quiet everywhere! It was great to see that everyone was in the holiday vibe immediately. The group hang around the house, played some ballgames in the gardens, settled down in their rooms and we started with some beers around the garden table. Nice people I could see. They were speaking Hungarian of course, but mostly everyone could speak English easily, so I didn’t have any problem by that. And a great change for me to learn some new Hungarian phrases. The dinner part was funny. Everyone was suspected to bring some food of their own, that would be the first dish. We decided to mix all the pasta dishes together in one big pot. Beside every food we had we served, so the big table was full of food and everyone have had a nice dinner. The next day we went hiking. I suspected just an easy walk trought the hills, but it was more adventurous than this. At one point there was not really a path anymore, it was grown over by bushes. But everyone wanted to reach the top so badly, that we climbed trough this jungle. It was funny for me to see that everyone was so brave and that there was no way to go back before we would have reached the top. It was a nice teambuilding experience, especially the way back when it was so steep that I fell down some times and the person in front of me had to help me. After this climb we could finally jump in the fresh water of the Arló lake. We deserved it and it was great! The two days that followed were very calm and easy. The thing I will remember most is the relax atmossphere the group had together and the boardgames they played together. So simple and so nice and cosy, very warm feeling. I am very grateful that they brought me there!

Next week I will be in Holland, just one week to see family and friends, but the week after I will do a very nice workshop with another volunteer. I look forward to it and I will tell you next time about it.